Thursday, April 11, 2013

Talk to the Animals Charity Collab Palette and more

This is the palette for the Talk to the Animals Charity Collab...


Please contribute 4 papers and 6 elements using the palette on the first page. Other options include clusters, templates, hybrid projects, quickpages, paper stackers, cutting files. I created an alpha but anyone else could too if they want.

Designers that want to be involved but do not have the time to contribute are welcome to include coupons instead.

You can upload your files to wherever you want and send me the links. I will QC and preview (unless someone else really really wants too).
Please send links to no later than April 21.
Beginning May 1st, any contributors who currently have stores are greatly encouraged to release the kit in their stores. I realize that the site owners will get a cut but the designers should forward their cut to the Animal Protection League:

If you feel comfortable enough to ask your site owners to contribute their share, please do!

I hope that all involved will promote the kit by whatever means they usually promote products.

For individuals who wish to purchase the kit but are concerned about the proceeds actually going to the Animal Protection League, please include the above donation information in your promotions. If they donate an amount equal to the price of the kit (to be determined once all contributions are sent to me), they can forward the receipt to me and I will give them links to download the kit.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to me at

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